Latest bug in iOS version on MonsterMarathon

Unfortunately a last minute change in Monster Marathon 1.33 got past our QA team without being tested. As a result the font on all menu items is not visible resulting in a bad experience for all of our users. We sincerely apologize for this mistake. We have corrected this in version 1.34 and have submitted an expedited app review with Apple to get this update out as soon as possible. 

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Monster Marathon now available in the Google Play app store

Yes, we've managed to get our first Android port of Monster Marathon. In Android the game is called Monster Marathon Tilt Runner. It can be found here:

Android app on Google Play

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Monster Marathon 1.32 is now available in the Apple App store

Yep, Monster Marathon 1.32 is now available in the Apple App store. We’ve spent some time adding localized versions in 3 languages. Monster Marathon will automatically change to German, Spanish or French if the user has their iDevice set to one of these languages. In addition the user can navigate to the settings screen and manually change the language to their liking.

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Monster Marathon 1.2 coming soon to the Apple App store with iphone 5 and game center integration

Better late than never I suppose. After struggling with some game center API issues and RevMob ad module problems, we've finally released Monster Marathon 1.2 and of course Monster Marathon Free. We've managed to throw in the full screen iPhone 5 and upgraded graphics for the iPad retina. We've also added another unlock-able character. Just touch the "follow us on twitter" button to unlock the latest secret character. (Hint, he collect balloon animals) OpenFeint has been removed starting with 1.2 and we've added Apple Game Center achievements and leaderboards. Most of the achievements are straight forward such as gaining 5 combos or scoring 100,000 for unlocking each power up. These are destroy all enemies, destroy enemies on touch, become invincible and gain back a life. Some achievements are a bit harder to get such as making it to the checkpoint without scoring any point. (i.e. dodge the items to pickup as well as the monsters, bombs and big bad Octo. Monster Marathon 1.2 coming soon to the Apple App store with iphone 5 and game center integration.

We’re also working on release the game on android, the Amazon app store and possibly Nook. Now that Corona Labs has upgraded Indie developers to Pro, those app stores are accessible without upgrading.

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The whole OpenFeint / Gree issue with Monster Marathon and why we didn’t jump on the conversion project

Gree purchased the OpenFeint platform quite some time ago and at the time we released Monster Marathon it was the right choice. (We did have ambitions to release on Android as well so going game center wasn’t the right choice)

Not too long ago Gree announced that they were shutting down OpenFeint on Dec 15. This was not the originally announced date and it caught us by surpise. The following facts were taken into consideration when we decided not to scramble for 3 weeks converting the OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements:

1. The probability of getting this done in time for the Dec 15 deadline was pretty much zero anyway.
2. The number of affected users in both paid and free version are miniscule. (~ 300 downloads total, yes that little)
3. Other projects have priority including our next game.
4. Until game minion was bought by Corona Labs we didn’t really see much of an alternative that can be easily used with the CoronaSDK. (The enterprise version might do but that’s out of our budget at this point)

So if you are a Monster Marathon player, hang tight. We’re working on getting the OpenFeint stuff replaced. Given the holidays, somewhere near the end of January is likely.

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Youtube gameplay videos now available

We've added a couple of youtube gameplay videos today and will be adding some more later. 


The first one is a basic gameplay video that show the built in mini tutorial and some really basic gameplay on easy level. 

The second one shows one of the characters unlocked the electro aka spark power up that kills enemies on touch with an electric shock.


We'll be posted more videos shortly.

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Will the former CoronaLabs CEO eat their lunch with Platino?

If you're a subscriber to CoronaLabs formerly known as anscamobile you'll know that CARLOS M. ICAZA was the co-founder and CEO. As with all fast moving objects in Silicon Valley, things change and recently Carlos left Corona and started Lanica a remarkably similar outfit to CoronaLabs.  How similar you ask? Well let's see. (Note that these are based on the beta version description found about Platino)




scripting language
physics engine
cross platform
IOS,Android, Nook,Kindle
OpenGL graphics
OpenAL sound
IOS Game center
no (at least in the titanium SDK docs)
yes (3rd party tool)
isometric engine
no (on the roadmap)
Mac Apps
no (on the roadmap)
import flash assets
yes (3rd party tool)
yes (with Animo)
yes (3rd party tool)
yes (Titanium Studio)
InApp purchase
not that I can tell from the site.


Platino is also looking to leverage the appcelerator cloud services, something that Corona Labs doesn't offer. This includes a free version with 100 devices for push notifications. 


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Monster Marathon update 1.1 coming soon to the app store.

We’re excited to announce the latest update to our game Monster Marathon. Version 1.1 includes a brand new character that can be unlocked with a little bit of work. ¬†We won’t spoil it for you but note that it has it’s own background music track.

You can find the paid version here:

Monster Marathon


We’ve also fixed some minor audio bugs as well as improving UI features for better gameplay. Several UI items have been made less visible to make it easier to spot pick ups and power ups as well as the bad guys.

Power ups now have a hint indicator at the bottom of the screen so the player knows when to pick them up. All power ups have gotten new sound effects as well. The invisible power up and the ‘electro’ power up now have graphics and sounds that fade out as the power up is finishing. This will allow the player to use the power ups to the fullest.

Scoring for easy, medium and hard levels has been adjusted after feedback from players. It is now much easier to earn power ups on medium and hard levels whereas before it was nearly impossible to score enough points to earn even the first power up.

In another post we will be showing you gameplay videos detailing the new features and fixes. Stay tuned.

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Free version of Monster Marathon now available in the Apple app store

Sweet, finally approved our completely and totally FREE version of Monster Marathon free game is now available in the Apple app store. You can find it here

It’s been a lot of fun creating games with CoronaLabs’ CoronaSDK.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase

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Monster Marathon

Finally got our app Monster Marathon approved in the app store. You can find it here.

The game has 5 different characters that you can choose. There are three different levels of difficulty. Each character has its own music track. There are lots of OpenFeint achievements available including some hidden ones you have to figure out for yourself. Power ups include a “kill all baddies on the screen” and “kill any baddies you touch”. You’ll need to score plenty of points to earn those Monster Marathon power ups.

Just to explain the reasoning for renaming the app. We originally called it Monsta Mayhem and got the app rejected by the Apple app store because the name was too similar to Monster Mayhem. So we figured that since the characters in the game run down the street towards a checkpoint (aka finish line) that we should instead call the game Monster Marathon.

It’s been a lot longer process than we originally envisioned. This was due to a variety of factors. Having a full time job as an I.T. manager for starters. Krestan starting Sheridan in January and having a lot less time to work on the art work and sound files. And of course the whole Apple app store submission process that we had to learn the first time through.

It’s been a fun experience and we hope that our next game will take a lot less time to develop. We’re presently testing some different concepts including some multiplayer features.

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