Monster Marathon update 1.1 coming soon to the app store.

We’re excited to announce the latest update to our game Monster Marathon. Version 1.1 includes a brand new character that can be unlocked with a little bit of work. ¬†We won’t spoil it for you but note that it has it’s own background music track.

You can find the paid version here:

Monster Marathon


We’ve also fixed some minor audio bugs as well as improving UI features for better gameplay. Several UI items have been made less visible to make it easier to spot pick ups and power ups as well as the bad guys.

Power ups now have a hint indicator at the bottom of the screen so the player knows when to pick them up. All power ups have gotten new sound effects as well. The invisible power up and the ‘electro’ power up now have graphics and sounds that fade out as the power up is finishing. This will allow the player to use the power ups to the fullest.

Scoring for easy, medium and hard levels has been adjusted after feedback from players. It is now much easier to earn power ups on medium and hard levels whereas before it was nearly impossible to score enough points to earn even the first power up.

In another post we will be showing you gameplay videos detailing the new features and fixes. Stay tuned.

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