Monster Marathon

Originally called MonstaMayhem, Apple decided that the name was too close to another game even though the game mechanics are completely different. Therefore we renamed the game to Monster Marathon

The paid version can be found here:

Monster Marathon


If you would like to try the game first, the ad supported free version can be found here:

Monster Marathon

The game is a tilt based running game with 5 unique characters to choose from include a pirate and a ninja. (Gotta have those right!) Run down the street avoiding the bad guys, the sewers and the big bad Octo. Pick up as many items as you can to get points. Pick up your characters favorite item and receive bonus points. The more items you pick up in a row the higher your combo scores.

Score enough points and you'll earn power ups that will let you vanquish the baddies on the screen, make you invisible or destroy on touch with a ball of electricity. You can even earn a life back if you're down to your last one. It's quite the Monster Marathon if you can last long enough.

Openfeint leaderboards and plenty of achievements are also included. And of course the game was created with our favorite SDK from

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase

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