The whole OpenFeint / Gree issue with Monster Marathon and why we didn’t jump on the conversion project

Gree purchased the OpenFeint platform quite some time ago and at the time we released Monster Marathon it was the right choice. (We did have ambitions to release on Android as well so going game center wasn’t the right choice)

Not too long ago Gree announced that they were shutting down OpenFeint on Dec 15. This was not the originally announced date and it caught us by surpise. The following facts were taken into consideration when we decided not to scramble for 3 weeks converting the OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements:

1. The probability of getting this done in time for the Dec 15 deadline was pretty much zero anyway.
2. The number of affected users in both paid and free version are miniscule. (~ 300 downloads total, yes that little)
3. Other projects have priority including our next game.
4. Until game minion was bought by Corona Labs we didn’t really see much of an alternative that can be easily used with the CoronaSDK. (The enterprise version might do but that’s out of our budget at this point)

So if you are a Monster Marathon player, hang tight. We’re working on getting the OpenFeint stuff replaced. Given the holidays, somewhere near the end of January is likely.

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